World Wide Web? My Ass!

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I called my boss today and asked him if it was possible to come in a bit later coz I wanted to pick up that registered letter. He said it wasn't a problem - thanks a lot - so I arrived at the post office at 08h45 while it only opened at 09h00. I waited 15 minutes and finally got what I needed.

It turned out that it wasn't a letter, but the shipment from BME that got stuck at customs, got extra taxes imposed on it, and then was send by customs to me... by registered mail. To put everything into perspective : I order shirts in Canada, pay quite a lot for shipment, it arrives 1.5 months instead of 2-3 weeks after shipping date, I get taxed additionally and get to pay the costs for registered mail as well.

No wonder people don't order things over the internet... bureaucracy and international taxes make it next to impossible!

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We had some desperately important lab equipment held up by customs last year. It put everyone wirk back by over a month, including my (now five onths late) thesis. It was such a mess, no one would tell us what was going on, customs kept saying they wouldn't clear the stuff without a quarentine period and then the university got involved and added miles of red tape to everything (Universities are notorious for creating work for themselves). All for some boring old clear polyethelene tubing. What customs thought would be hiding in there I don't know. After that we ordered it three months in advance so we wouldn't run out again.

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