Where is this world heading to?

I can hardly believe it : Wouter Tyberghien (the jeweller that shot a burglar in 1999) was convicted for manslaughter today, but the sentence will be suspended for a year. He has to pay for legal costs though, and those add up to € 9.688.

What signal does justice want to send to criminals? "Hey, just come over here, rob our stores, steal our goods, threathen us with guns... it's not like we can or will do anything to stop you!" Noooo, 'coz when we do, we are sentenced for it, while the criminals face much lesser punishments.

If a criminal enters my place, or robs me, you can be damn sure thay - should I have the chance - he'll make a nasty fall. I can always say that I came home while he was in the room, and that he tried to run but tripped and fell. Hey, he should have watched where he was going. Yes, he was very desperate and 'jumped' off the terrace, to escape. The fact that I live 3 high has got nothing to do with it. Would I be sorry? Not at all! If they decide to step out of normal regulations by robbing me, they cannot be expected to be protected by that same judicial systems. One goes with the other.

I work(ed) hard for everything that I own and have right now. I'm not a sheep that will be taken to the slaughterhouse without fighting. Criminals get more and more aggressive, and civilians that obey the laws get restricted in their defences.

People should have the right to defend themselves, and their property!

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