We are adults, right?


Nothing much interesting happening today, but at the same time we progressed in the right direction. When results will be available is not certain yet though.

Ok... I promised you feedback on all those comments about the post on juvenile prisons I did a few days back. Cy just added her two cents, and I don't figure I'll get any other comments from you freaky lazy cunts out there, so I'll just state my point on those brave enough to step forward and speak their mind.

Richenda : so you actually are convinced that community should never give up on kids, no matter what they have done? And age restrictions should be applied to the letter, in all cases? I'm sorry to say so, but you do live in a very ideal naive world I think.

Criminals, and juveniles know exactly what the punishment is when an underage 'kid' violates the law : practically nothing. The result is that victims lose faith in the judicial system, and in youth. And they know that it's very probable that the offender will return to treathen the victim even more, fully realizing that nothing shocking is going to happen. Welcome to dream land. I'll make sure never to vote for you. Thanks for speaking your mind though... I just hope you can one day put things in perspective.

Eve Hill : that's a much more differentiated point of view you have. First of all you have a kind of experience (with your cousin) which makes the feedback more valuable. I still think though that age should not be a limiting factor on conviction. Even the youngest kids (5-6 years old) can do awful things, AND realize that it's wrong. However, in that case the parents should be punished as much as the kids themselves. After all, the parents are (or should be) 1. responsible 2. educating their kids.

I see more and more parents blaming the school and education system for whatever goes wrong. If it's your kids, take responsability for them. You (referring to the parents, not you personally of course) can make the difference, don't force that upon others.
I agree that juvenile prison is not always the right punishment, but I refuse to let everything just go... What message are we sending to young violators then? "Do as you please, but when you turn 18 and one minute, we'll go down on you so hard you won't know what hit you." Doesn't sound like the correct message to me. I guess alternative scentences could solve the problem or at least make juveniles understand what the result of their action was.

Cy : Yeps. I have to agree here. Age should not be used as the sole factor to take into account anymore, when deciding on how to try some juveniles. If they are 'old and wise' enough to rob someone, they are also old and wise enough to be treated as adults. One thing comes with another, but you just can't pick and choose when you want to be treated as a kid, and when you want to be treated as an adult.

Age doesn't make you an adult, but your actions do. People often say : "they are just kids..." but you hardly ever hear the victims say things like that. But I won't get you started :)

So... everyone, thanks a lot for the comments, and feel very welcome in the future to agree of disagree with me again. We can also agree to disagree on something of course. We're adults, right?


That's true... children should be taught at a young age what is right and what is wrong... Being an elementary education major, and having worked in the school system, parents don't have the right to blame the education program for their child's behavioral skills... while children pick up from that at school, the parents should be good role models at home and teach them what is right and wrong... they also say a lot of people get ideas from TV, but when I see someone jump off a building into a pit of fire, do you see me reinacting the event? Some might say it is because I'm 19, but that's not true... I didn't do it when I was five either...

You got a great point there Eve! TV is not a babysitter, and whatever kids see - or TV or elsewhere - should always be put into perspective by a responsible adult.

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