The frustration...

Do you know the frustration when you are trying to recall the name of an artist, or band from memory, and it just doesn't pop up? It's on the tip of my tongue, but it just can't remember the name of a band I once picked up from and I listened to some of their tracks. I do seem to remember that it was a brazilian band, and they did (amongst others) an X-Files remix. I'm pretty sure one of their tracks contained lines from Star Trek as well.

Splurt! Damn, I "know" the bands name starts with a C, and I already tried searching my MP3 CD's but I couldn't find those tracks. And yes... now I remember : Central Dogma! I knew it was something with a "C" in it :)

However, it seems the old songs are nowhere to be found anymore :( I guess I'll have to send the man a mail to see if I can find them anywhere.

Note : I checked the MP3 CD's again and it seems I still got the tracks! Yey for myself!!! "Locutus of Borg" and "Terrestres (Trust No One)", performed by Central Dogma. If you're into totally hardcore Electronic Body Music, or whatever you want to call it (Experimental?) I suggest you somehow check those tracks out. I like them, but that might be due to my... insanity.

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