Temporary outage

As you might have noticed, friedkitten.com has been offline for a few hours today. I've been monitoring the site all the time, and it seems 3 servers went down at the host.

Everything seems to be running fine again, but I've posted a message at the hosts board to see what was the problem. I'll keep an eye open!

Update : Message from Annette (Super Genius) You'll note that those timestamps were from much earlier - the script got itself hung up without updating, which is another reason we're working on replacing it with something a bit more robust. The NOC is in the process of rearranging our servers in the racks to consolidate their locations, but was not supposed to start until the end of the week, so caught up unawares without a notice that this was going to happen (a notice that will be posted in about ten seconds after I finish this one). I suppose a schedule bump up is better than a delay, but I'm not all that fond of surprises.

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