Sticker Design Contest

I've been busy creating some simple stickers. Nothing fancy, just something that should stand out, and remain easy to read. I'm gonna put two designs up, and hope some of you will take the time to let me know which one pleases you the most. The sticker will be high quality weather proof vinyl, so there shouldn't be a problem sticking it on your car, favorite lightpost or sexy aunt for the next 3 years!

And... because I know my world, those who take the time to vote by e-mail ([email protected]) and include their snail mail address are eligible to receive 2 stickers for free by mail. I'll reserve a total of 20 stickers for this little voting giveaway, so if 10 or less people vote, everyone gets 2. If more people vote, I'll throw all entries in a hat and draw 10 lucky winners. Those winners will be announced here.

This voting contest is open to everyone, wherever you may live. Yes, I do ship worldwide.

Rules : All entries should reach us by e-mail before november 17th, 00h00 (GMT+1). All entries received after that, will be void. Your snail mail address or e-mail address will be deleted from our system after the stickers have been send, and will under no circumstance be used or passed on to someone else. I hate spam as much as everyone else! Everyone can only vote once, and multiple entries from the same e-mail address, or the same snail mail address will be discarded.

Regular   Inverted

If you vote, clearly mention Regular or Inverted. In order to avoid misunderstanding : the first one (black FK logo on white background) is the Regular one. The black background sticker is an Inverted one.

Update : Votes are pouring in and right now it's a close call but the Inverted design is slightly in the lead. Wanna get some cool free FK stickers? Vote by e-mail ([email protected]) and include your snail mail address!

Update 2 : Wow! Things have turned, and now the Regular design is in the lead again. Currently votes have been cast from Belgium, USA and New Zealand, so it's not too late to join in!

Update 3 : Apparently Contagious Graphics doesn't ship internationally. I'm either looking for another company, or somewhere I can send the stickers to in the USA, and then pick them up, or someone who wants to ship them to me.

More free stuff can be found at : TotallyFreeStuff - The Free Site - Fab Free - Killer Freebies They're all full of shite! It's a complete waste of time, and probably just a scam to collect e-mail addresses. I can't believe they actually tricked me into believing they were genuine and respectable sites.

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