Sticker contest ended!

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Thanks to everyone who voted! I actually decided to send the inverted (white letters on black background) design off to the printers, and it should be shipped around november 27th to an address in the USA. I'll pick it up later and start sending off free samples to the following people :

Joco (Belgium) - Shelley (New Zealand) - Ashley (USA) - Cy (USA) - Eve Hill (USA)

And because these people took the time to send in their vote, I decided to increase the number of stickers to be distributed to 25 instead of 20. If I'm correct, this means everyone mentioned above will get 5 limited edition FK stickers!

Congrats to all of you!

1 Comment

Yay! I live the furthest away too *smug*.

I'll have to think of some public place to stick one. Probably up at the university. You might get some pretty undergrads taking a look at your site (well we can hope right?)

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