Shoppingspree relieves stress?


I always believed women went on a shoppingspree to free themselves of stress and bad moods. I just did the same, as I ordered a bunch of stickers! I figured out a way to get them shipped, so expect stickerpower to be available in Europe around the second week of january 2003!

Yes, that's a pretty long time, but since they couldn't ship to Europe, I'm having them shipped to the USA, and then I'll pick them up when I visit Ashley.

Does this mean the sticker voting contest is over? No! So, I decided which design to send off to the printer, but that doesn't mean you can't vote anymore, and maybe get some free stickers. Scroll down for full rules and explenation.

Now... how much of them did I order? 250? 500? 750? 1500? 3000? 6000? The minimum is 250, and the max mentioned on the site is 6000. Tell me how many you think I ordered, taking into consideration I'm pretty much stressed and really needed to calm down a bit. Comments are welcome!


I'm guessing 1500, and that we'll be stopping the car every 2 miles on the way to Canada to plaster stickers on anything that holds still long enough.

I think I've got good news, so I'm gonna go type that out to you now!

Whahaha... nice guess Trashley :) You are right about the stopping though, but I'm not gonna tell you whether or not the guess was correct. I'll announce the exact number when I tell who's gonna receive some free stickers for the little voting contest.

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