Riots in Antwerp, Borgerhout

Riots in Antwerp, Borgerhout - source : Standaard Online, photo by KF
Late last night and continuing into early this morning riots broke out in Antwerp, Borgerhout (also known as Borgerokko) after a 66 year male old psychiatric patient shot the 27 year old son of his Morroccan neighbor around 16h30. Police arrived to investigate the case, and was soon after it attacked by about 100 riotting youngsters that claimed the murder was race related.

Abou JahJah (AEL) of course also showed up with his "private militia" to "keep an eye on the police" as they handled the case. This only enraged the already violent mass of people. Apparently, it's quite common for this type of people to throw stones at the police, damage parked cars and break the windows of shops, instead of being constructive and helping the police solve problems.

I think this clearly shows that there still is a very big difference in mentality and perceptance of reality between these violent young criminals, who - on the one hand - whish to be respected and accepted by the populace, but are far from accepting and respecting the law and mentality themselves.

If the situation keeps on evolving as is, one can be assured that certain right wing orientated political parties will grow even more during the elections, due next year.

Links : VTM News - Teletekst - De Standaard - Het Nieuwsblad

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