Unannounced BFL meeting - Talked about new ferrets, taking my current carpetsharks on saturday to see if it's possible - New Mozilla (release 1.2) - link and details tomorrow - Played with PHP Nuke, got it running... finally. Had to go to 5.6 though - No real news about important things. D-Day coming very close now. - Gotta check planetickets with KLM, as Visa was (still) not charged, but tickets show as confirmed. - Harry da Potter on Sunday? - Wanted to bring the cops some hot coffee or tea, but don't own a large enough container to transport it. Nor do I have enough cups, tea or coffee. Will have to get those - just in case. It's pretty cold outside!

Note : I'm well aware that this post is not XHTML 1.0 transitional compliant. I'll check out how to properly code the "ordered list" tomorrow. I'm off to bed now.
Note 2 : It is now... I removed the OL tagging and created some unreadable line mess to replace it. I don't really care :)

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