I just noticed that I was able to dump VTSS on Nasdaq at a very small profit after they plunged into oblivion last week. Bought at USD 2.20, dropped to USD 1.68 and today sold at USD 2.43.

Only a marginal profit, but I was actually thinking I'd have to dump them at a loss. It ended up giving me a net positive result of about € 85.00

This time it paid off to hang on and not sell in a panic reaction. I gotta become more careful though and not gamble that much anymore. After all, the idea is to build up some spare cash, not to stuff cash in a bottomless pit.

I thought I'd never say this, but really... beware of the evil called Nasdaq :)

Update : They even went as high as 2.73. I could have almost made the initial target I set when I bought them. Well, better safe then sorry I guess.

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