Not Atlas!

I went in late - it actually was close to 13h30 - as I had some things that I needed to take care of rather urgently. I settled most things to my satisfaction, even though no real news has become available.

Worked on the curriculum in anticipation of things that might be heading this way. I don't know what to think anymore : one half says the I need to remain loyal and trustful, the other part says abandon ship and save yourself! I've come to an agreement with myself that I'll still go for the first option, but also be prepared for rough times. Even if I don't need the curriculum anytime soon, it'll never be a waste of time.

Good news too! I picked up the new passport today. USA here I come!

Excerpt of a text I've written very recently (not on this page though) :
I look after myself and some very close friends and family. If I can say I can take care of myself and them, I'm very pleased with myself, honestly. I am not Atlas and have no intention to take the weight of the world on my shoulders.

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