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According to Yahoo! I'm the "worlds weirdest person". Yes, I was quite surprised as well, but try searching for those exact words and this site turns up as number 1. Thanks Yahoo!, I'll remember you in my non-existant prayers :)

So, let's look at some other searchengine wickedness. Someone asked iWon about "dumb crap pics" and I turned up as result 521 in a total of 23.400 sites. iWon is powered by Google. Not too bad either I guess, but it really makes me wonder who'd go thru 521 sites looking for dumb crap pics. It must be someone with way too much free time, don't you think?

Should someone be looking for "erotic + fetches + sex + shop" on Yahoo! (again) I score a nice 5th place out of 98. I actually think the search was intended to be "fetishes", and not "fetches", but hey... we're not all a genius, are we?

Google tells surfers that I'm hit number 56 out of 309 when looking for "sports blooper pics". I don't even recall ever having written anything about it! And when looking for "erotic fair" on the german google, is hit number 53 out of 607.

And last, but certainly not least, I have to tell you about an AOL Search for "human, getting pregnant, by canine sex"... yes, you've read that correctly. I'm hit number 7, right after Incredible, don't you think?

I'd wish people would search and find me by terms like intelligent, smart, goodlooking, witty, humor, blogging, crazy fucking belgian... but alas, it doesn't seem to be like that. I'm not witty, smart nor goodlooking. But at least I beat hundreds - if not thousands - of sites in the searchengines when it comes down to the nitty gritty perverted things everyone wants.

I should consider changing my byline from "insanity included. Everything you didn't wanna know in the first place" to somethings along the lines of "the least understood blogger", "picked by the searchengines for the wrong reason" or finally "a perverts paradise come true".

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