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I just placed a new order to buy on Nasdaq. Apparently ATML and VTSS (two stocks I've traded in the past weeks, and both got me a nice gain) are still doing pretty well, but I've decided to go for something else : Sanmina-Sci (SANM). Friday they closed 15 percent higher and I think they could do quite a lot better.

I intend to buy at USD 4.00 and sell at USD 4.84. More info about what exactly Sanmina-Sci does, can be found below. I'm off to bed now, as I should be well rested for another busy week.

I should try to make an appointement at the bank as well, since they are planning to install some new features in their software and everyone needs to come by personally to get new access codes. Which I think, sucks bigtime. The main reason I use phonebanking all the time is because it doesn't require going in each time. I just don't have the time for it.

The group's principal activities are to provide customized integrated electronic manufacturing services including turnkey electronic assembly and manufacturing management services, to original equipment manufacturers in the electronics industry. the electronics manufacturing services consist primarily of the design and manufacture of complex printed circuit board assemblies, custom designed backplane assemblies and fabrication. the services also include manufacture of custom cables and wire harness assemblies, optoelectronic assemblies and custom fiber optic cables, electronic enclosure systems, testing and assembly of completed systems and global order fulfillment. in addition, turnkey-manufacturing management services also involves procurement and materials management, engineering consultation on printed circuit board design, signal integrity analysis, reliability testing, product homologation services and manufacturing processes.

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