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As you can see... I've adopted two new fuzzies. Both are female, born in the first half of 1999. I took my three boys along and put the five of them together. Some squeeks and noises, but nothing major. After about 10 minutes (or even less) I put all of them into the carrier and head off to home. During the ride home, apparently Ticha (the second photo) kept on biting Bono, who - dumbass as he is - didn't fight it. He just squeeked. Weird ferrets I've got.

When I got home, I let all of them run free for about thirty minutes, while I replaced one of the hammocks with a new one (I bought two instead of making them myself) and I dropped all of them in their cage. Once again some squeeks and turning around, but now everything is quiet on the ferret front.

I don't like the names Ticha and Futsy though... Feel free to suggest new names for the two fuzzies. Remember, they are females, so the name should be kinda female sounding. Oh, and preferably something that sounds like their current names... after nearly 4 years it's not that obvious to get a totally new name.

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Will you end up with ferret babies? I'm not sure if ferrets get neutered and suchlike. Little baby ones would be so cute! Not that the big ones aren't cute too.

And I think Futsy is a cool name but then I have a female cat named Rastus so you really shouldn't listen to me :D

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