New blood?

I've been working with ferrets all day long (10h00 till 18h30) and I'm pretty tired, even though there were not that much people. Apparently saturday is quite a bit slower as sunday, when looking at the number of visitors. On the other hand, today we worked the fair with only 3 people in total, tomorrow BFL will have a crew of 9...

I was even offered to adopt 2 ferrets, really cute ones too, but unfortunately they're females and I already have 3 male ferrets. It's not that it would be a terrible problem, but somehow I don't feel like bringing fights and chaos into my current group. No offense to anyone, but female ferrets tend to be more dominant when it comes to social behaviour. Apart from that, the three boys are aproximately 5-6 years old, and the two females are only 3.

It would be a nice way to bring some new blood in the group though. I've got to be realistic and consider the fact that my current ferrets will not be there forever. I'll have to think it over, and maybe I should try if the females fit into the group. After all, I introduced more ferrets into various groups before, and it never really posed any problems, but all of them were males.

Damn, it seems I'm already considering taking them in! Actually, why not? If I don't, they'll have a hard time finding another home, as they need to be placed together - they are sisters and it wouldn't be wise to separate them - and not everyone is interested in adopting 2 ferrets at once, especially when they're already 3 years old.

See? I'm really considering it now. I'll see what news comes along with the new week, and since there should be a BFL meeting somewhere during the week, I might discuss details.

Heather : Yes... unlike women, we have quiet times too :D

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