Narcicism? Sure!


I just noticed... somewhere along the line, visitor 10.000 passed the blog. Congrats to whomever it was. I hope you enjoyed the read.

website visitor statistics : over 10.000 visitors?!

I am not addicted. I just find turning my box on and off takes too long. I require instant readiness, web connection and such. Those are pretty normal things, not?

My network card is addicted to the internet! Beware of the evil 666 bits!

Come on, tell me I'm normal?

Note : Sorry about the crappy statistics pictures. I forgot to adjust the compression level on that first picture, and as you might have noticed, compressing a file with sixty percent, is not a good idea. I did the second one only with ten percent compression. Much better!


Did I read that right??? You connect at 10.0 Mbps??? On a good day, I can connect at 57,600 Kbps.

Lol... actually that 10Mbps speed is the speed of the network card to the modem. The web connection itself is 'only' 1Mbps, but that should increase to 3Mbps somewhere in January 2003.

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