Miss Belgium, take 2


I watched the Miss Belgium contest at Joco's place and I managed to pick three girls (as mentioned in an earlier post) that weren't even in the contest anymore! Yey for myself... So I picked one other girl (Geraldine something) and she managed to get 0 points from the jury, and get an additional 0 points from the voters at home. It seems I picked the good ones, grin.

However... Julie Taton won the contest, and even though I didn't list them in my favorites, while I was discussing the contest at the office, I told the three ladies in the office that she'd win... which she did. I suppose I do know something about beauty, but not all the time. Had a good time discussing with Joco and we still disagree on women, but sometimes we think alike... it's actually scary :)

There is just one thing we cannot agree on : He thinks Ann van Elsen is fab, I think she's ugly. Well, maybe not ugly, but not hot either. But... we agree that Halle Berry is one hell of a babe!

I'll have to go over to BFL tomorrow, hand over some money of stuff I sold/delivered for them on thursday, check out the (possible) new ferrets, and when I'm back home I'll try and install the HD coolers that I've ordered weeks ago. I also have Joco's CD writer with me to do some tests on, as he can't get it to work at all. I also fixed some small shit on his computer, nothing difficult when you know what it might be, or where to find the correct solution. I like helping out friends.


Excuse me for this:

but Ann van Elsen is one hell of a woman!!!http://www.bartvo.com/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumName=missbelgium


Wahahahahaha.... you mean that shorty is one hell of a woman???! NOT!!!

Dina Tersago... she is much better looking!
Or - not to stick to Miss Belgium - take a good look at Andrea Croonenberghs.

Those are ladies with expression, attitude.

If Anybody now that Sandra Krupa, a theacher in the PDS was Miss Belgium in the jear 1993 or 1994 or 1995 ... ??? Im not sure.

plaese write me : [email protected]

ann van elsen does rule and would you please now give me her emailadress or anything in witch i can contact her

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