Juvenile Prison


I was watching a documentary about juvenile prisons and how the 'kids' are treated there. I'm not gonna go much deeper into it, but I wonder about two things :

1. Do we - as a community - have the obligation to keep on trying to help these kids?
2. Should age always be a factor during trial, or be used to decide if the kid should be tried as a kid, or as an adult.

Think about it, and feel free to give feedback. I'll discuss all feedback during the coming days.


Yes and Yes. Just my two cents.

No... I don't believe that age should be the deciding factor in something unless the child is REALLY young... like five or six or something... children who have been around in the world... who experienced stuff KNOW that things are wrong... especially in murder cases... My cousin is in Juvenile Prison right now for something... (not getting into it) and while I feel sorry for the conditions that he has to go thru while being there... I also know that he KNEW that what he did was wrong... there isn't a lot that you can leave up to interpretation... but I think the community should try because they are kids... and they can still be saved... lessons can be learned... but in the same aspect... adults can learn too... those are just my thoughts...

I think the decision to try someone as an adult should be made on an individual basis. It drives me crazy when some kid, knowing prefectly well what he's doing, shoots three people in a gas station robbery but gets off light because he's six months short of the adult age. Don't even get me started.

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