I like the smell of To Do lists in the morning

I'm up kinda early and am sitting - naked - behind the keyboard. Yes, those are some of the things I can do whenever it pleases me.

I've got some Dire Straits music playing and my back is definately improving. I've got quite a lot of stuff to do today, but knowing myself, if I manage to do 50% of it, I'll be glad.

To Do :
1. Shopping for ferret food & supplies
2. Shopping for human food & supplies
3. Laundry (a lot)
4. Ironing (an even fucking bigger lot)
5. fix wallpaper in bedroom (will be on the list for a looong time)
6. clean around the house
7. enjoy myself
8. check finances and xfer cash as my pay has not yet arrived (also see 1 & 2)
9. enjoy myself even more
10. try to decide what I'll have for dinner tonight

Went over to the Belgian Ferret League and booked a cage for my boys (for the time I'm off to the USA). I also installed a modem and fixed some PC troubles they still had. In return (and for the hours I've spend fixing their PC's last month) they didn't charge me for the 13kg of litter and 10 kg of food I needed. Fair deal for everyone!

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