Hotter than hot!


I got home around 20h00 after working on a machine for a client all day long. I expected it to take only about four and a half hours, but I think we came closer to 6 or 7 hours in the end. Hell, it was the first one we did, so we'll be able to make a better estimate next time.

Does anyone know why a HP OfficeJet D145 connected through USB doesn't show up in Windows XP Professional? The system obviously detects the plug in of a USB device, and it even installed the printer, but it just doesn't show up, and when asked to print, complaints that no printer is installed. Pretty irritating, let me tell you that!

I already did a cold boot, reboot, uninstall software, reinstall software, reinstalled more up to date software, nothing solves the problem. Unfortunately, the customer does expect us to solve it, but I'm sure I'll find a way to get the stupid thing to work - even if it takes kicking it around, or threathening to do so.

I just got a call from Viviane, and it seems a helping hand is required, so I'll be helping out the people of the BFL on thursday evening (21st) and saturday (23rd) during the day. I don't mind doing that at all, but I am not too enthousiastic about it either. Especially saturday will be totally exhausting again. Don't get me wrong, I really like the BFL and all the ferrets, but well... I'm not in the mood for all of it. Especially when I load and unload at a 110% to get everything done as quickly as possible, and some are just cruising around. I know not all of them are as fit and young as I am, but there's still a difference between just being there, or trying to get things done.

If you are looking for the sticker contest, scroll down a bit... it's still there and kicking ass. Just got another vote in from the USA, and both designs are equally preferred it seems. Which reminds me : if you need some nice new boxers, thongs or a ski hat for the coming winter, check out the brand new FK shop on the left hand side! We also got Baseball Jersey's, fleece pullovers or a Baby Doll T-shirt that looks totally stunning when combined with a superb black FK cap!

Can you imagine your love in front of you, wearing the FK thongs, a Baby Doll T and nothing else? I can assure you... the temperature will be hotter than hot!


Boyd in a thong and babydoll teeshirt? Eeeeek! *shudder*

About your printer problem - I had the same problem with the Lexmark X83. It kept telling me that the printer wasn't installed. It was. But what I figured out was that I put the cable to the computer first instead of the printer (or vice versa) and it has to be done a certain way - and the book had it wrong. Could this be your problem?

Good luck.

Thanks for letting me know Jamie! I'll make sure to try that too when I get back to the client.

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