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Yey! I just received a mail from Contagious Graphics that my sticker order has already shipped... 7 days earlier as their first estimate. Ashley will be receiving them shortly and I'll be picking them up in a while.

I also contacted Ryan of BMEshop as my last order still hasn't arrived, and it should have been here about 1 and a half week ago. Unfortunately, it was send without tracking and thus I have got no clue where it might be. Neither does Ryan. I just hope it shows up soon! Otherwise I'll have spend quite a lot of money and still don't own cool BME work shirts :(

Been in and out of meeting all day long, and the net result was "nothing". Well, maybe slightly better as nothing, but still... it sucks. D-Day comes closer, only 10 days left. I'm starting to move things into position and clean up shit for the final outcome, whatever it might be.

Shelley : The Bonds that I know (no particular order) :

- Pierce Brosnan
- Roger More (wasn't he The Saint too?)
- Timothy Dalton
- Sean Connery

And for once I didn't revert to IMDB to check on things ;)

Note : Don't trust names of files in WinMX. I just spend 31 hours grabbing Die Another Day, and now that it's complete, it turns out to be... tadaaaahhh... "The Emperor's New Groove", some Disney movie.



Sean was the best :-D

I read a big article in Time Magazine this afternoon about the movie actually. I don't knw which edition but from the last couple of weeks. It was interesting *nods*. Nice picture of Halle Berry in a bikini too which I'm sure you would appreciate. Not sure how much of Time is online but it may be around somewhere.

Oh, and Riger Moore was The Saint although I've never seen one of the original shows. I'm a girl, I missed lots of cool stuff growing up (like the Dukes of Hazzard, I love that show now)

And there was also George Lazenby. He was only in one movie; I think it was called "On Her Majesty's Secret Service." He was *awful* (prompting my grandmother to say, "This wingnut is supposed to be Bond?"), but the movie wasn't so hot either. Also, he had the bad fortune to follow Sean Connery who -- as Shelley pointed out -- was the best. =)

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