Gentle rebooting however...

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I arrived at the office just a few minutes past 10, exactly as planned. Well, to be honest... a few minutes late, as I intended to be here at 10. Thus far I've verified, patched, checked and updated 2 workstations, checks are running on the server too, and three other workstations are somewhere at the beginning of the tests.

So for everything seems to be going OK... it's so much easier to do maintenance and such on the network, computers and server when there are no users to be seen :) Ask any true IT professional, and they"ll all tell you the same : the problem isn't the machines, it's the users. Unfortunately, it's kinda illegal to FDISK a user. Gentle rebooting however...

Not too much phonecalls either, as everyone is enjoying their day off. It's oh so quiet, it's oh so still...

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I bought Boyd the thinkgeek shirt with a fake sql query saying users know nothing. It made a huge hit at his work, all the programmers loved it. Then they sat around and talked about how they should never release anything since no one ever uses it correctly anyway.

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