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Tired of using Office 97, 2002 or XP? Fed up with the extreme licensing fees M$ forces upon you, or don't trust the registration and activation that's needed?

Check out and download a free Office Suite that should be able to do almost anything the Micro$oft Ca$hcow Office has up it's sleeve, without the harrassements that come with it.

Latest release is OpenOffice 1.0.1 stable and builds are available from Windows, Linux, PPC Linux, Solaris and Mac X (beta). Link thanks to GeekMan

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I loathe MS office but I have to keep using it because it's what they have at Uni. Then I can send Excel files to my supervisor for including in his stupid reports or to the stats people so they can do analysis for me. And also I'm going to print the whole thing there when (and if) it's ever finished. No way I'm going to screw around trying to convert a 40 thousand word document to run on Word the day before submission. I know many of these programmes are cross compatible and stuff but I just can't take the risk with something this big and complex, specially as there's always a chance my computer will up and die (it's happened once already, the day before a huge project is due). At least university work is the only thing I use it for anyway.

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