Fuck yes!

I'm almost done with my maintenance at the office and I'm about to go home. I just fired up my online quote tracker and I almost fell of my chair. I've placed an order to sell a certain stock at USD 1.89, and it has already touched USD 1.82! This is going MUCH better and faster as I expected. I only hope that it passed my limit before people starting taking profits and selling. After all, it's friday :)

This would make me pretty happy. I know money is no guarantee to be happy, but not having money certainly makes things more difficult in this materialistic world.

I won't be playing tablesoccer tonight as I'm still having problems with my back, but it seems to be improving slightly. When I woke up this morning it did feel awful though, but right now it's OK'ish.

Update : the suspense... the suspense. First the stock levelled at around 1.82 - 1.83 hopping up and down those values, then rose till 1.86-1.87 where it did bounce up and down for 30 minutes. When it hit 1.88 however, I knew I'd be able to sell at 1.89... and just a few minutes ago, it jumped to 1.91! However, it does not really interest me how much it rises above 1.89, since that was my limit to sell.

I could have made more, that's true, but greed is a very very dangerous thing.

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