Female equals bitch?

Grrrr... what have I done??? I've added - over the years - multiple male ferrets to my all male bunch of fuzzballs, without any problem, and the day I add two females to it I run into problems.

That little devil manages to crawl under the sofa! I just had to move my sofa all over the place before I managed to get a hold of the little bitch again. Sure, she looks cute... I think I might have found a solution though... remove some parts (check photo's below) to lower the sofa to the ground. That'll fix the "crawling under" problem.

Arrghhh! Where the hell is she?Arrghhh! Where the hell is she?
Lowering the sofa...

However, she also keeps on attacking the other ferrets, whereas the other new female doesn't pose any problem. When I corrected her she even nipped my nose. Luckily I'm used to handling ferrets and don't mind a nip or two. It's probably just stress induced nipping and it'll pass over time. When she starts to feel at home it won't pose a problem anymore.

I still recall when I took Max & Happy in... My hands, feet and fingers were bleeding constantly for the first 3 weeks. Ferrets handle stress very badly.

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