Drifting in and out...

As I turn around in bed I notice a presence unknown. When I stretch my arms, I feel a body nearby. A hot, living body. Instinctively I feel that everything is alright, and I let my hand roam the body. Neck, straight back, nice ass, firm tummy, perfect breasts. I move closer and we lay in a spoon position, as if it were like that forever. I drift off again, very comfortable and close to whomever it may be.

Some time later I wake up again, and I'm flat on my back. That same body is still next to me, laying against my right side, one leg over my groin, one arm over my chest and a head resting on my shoulder. I hear both of us breathing slowly, bodies in rest. I drift away again, knowing that everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be.

Isn't it wonderful that in dreams, things are always how they are supposed to be?

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