Die Another Day... Hot Hot Hot!


Because some radio station had a question about the soon to be released James Bond movie Die Another Day, I ended up at the James Bond site.

I suggest you check out the 30 pictures of the movies, the poster section or certainly the video section. It has the trailer online, as well as the fabulous new madonna videoclip for the movie. I just streamed it over a simple 10 Mbit connection and it looked fab!

Halle Berry stars in the movie too, so it just can't go wrong. Is it obvious I like Halle Berry? She played a fantastic role in Swordfish, and I think that her playing Jinx is a move that will increase the quality of the movie a lot.

Fuck Bond... Halle is the best :)


I'd gotten kind of bored with the recent Bond films, but have to admit (after seeing a feature about it on MTV) this one looks pretty darn good.

Of course it's good, the director is a kiwi *giggle*

Revenge of the green Kiwi! I never knew the director was a kiwi... who the hell is directing it anyway? Is it Spielberg, or am I making a total fool out of myself now?

(I probably am. Things like that happen when you only focus on the female lead characters of movies.)

Lee Tamahori (note maori name). I actually never watched a Bond movie until I went to see the first Peirce Brosen one (however that name is spelled) and it was so much fun! I loved the tank chase. Now I've seen a few more and some of them are very amusing and some are utter crap. Sadly the latest ones weren't that great, but hopefully this one will be fun too.

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