Dada JahJah!

Last night Dyab Abou JaJah, one of the leaders of AEL (Arab European League) was apprehended and arrested in Deurne, the town I live in.

The local justice departement, police and the major refused to give more details at that time, but have disclosed what charges are brought against him today :

- mededaderschap aan weerspannigheid in bende met voorafgaande afspraak en wapenvertoon
- weerspannigheid in bende met voorafgaande afspraak
- kwaadwillige belemmering van het verkeer
- onbruikbaarmaking van voertuigen in bende
- opzettelijke slagen aan een agent

I don't have the knowledge to give correct translations of the charges, but the big picture is something like this :

- accomplice to public display of weapons in group
- obstruction of traffic with bad intention
- disabling vehicules in group
- intentional violence against police officers

Give or take a bit... Dyab Abou JahJah has been trying - and succeeding - to bring everyone to a point where extreme positions are being taken. You are either for, or against, there is no more inbetween.

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