18th Jazzkroegentocht Lier

I just got back from the 18th edition of Jazz Kroegentocht Lier, and I really liked it. It would have been better though that it lasted a bit longer, as bands only started playing at 21h00 and quit around 01h00. We (Bob, Hilda, Dimitri, Marianne, Nadia and I) started off in a pub called "De Valk" where we saw "The Smokey Midnight Gang" play Boogie Woogie, Rhythm & Blues and Jazz, in a pub called "'t goe voorbeeld" we watched "Sofie & So Four" do their thing, which is Funk R&B, and we ended with "Fetch" in a pub called "Falstaf" and they brought mostly covers but in some really fantastic blues version.

I think I'll return for the nineteenth edition next year, but I truely madly deeply hope that the pubs are bigger and less crowded by then :)

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