Suck Balls!

Tonight I finally drove over to the tattoo studio and I arrived just a few minutes after 8 'o clock. I knocked on the door, and it was opened just a second later. John was just about to leave the studio, and he explained that since it was a calm night, he decided to close early. Damn! Mieke was already gone too, so I'll go back tomorrow around noon, and make an appointement... finally.

Soccer competition again, lost 11-7 while we could have the other team to forfeit as they didn't have enough players. But no... we decided to allow another player to play along, and the result of being fair and good is that we lost. Hell, fuck that, we had fun :)

Took the car to the self carwash, cleaned it - while in some kind of storm - and I think I got about the same amount of water on myself as I got onto the car. Yeah... I'm a dumbass.

I asked somebody to join me for a movie this weekend, but she declined. I can understand her though, but I'll ask again, and again and again. Not in a stalking way though, don't misunderstand me. More like in a concerned way. Yes... I've got a good heart, even though it doesn't show always. I can be evil and mean too. Take it or leave it, but I don't come in parts.

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