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I re-enabled the bloglet subscription service for - something I should have done a long time ago, but I kinda forgot about it after moving from the old server and CMS (content management system for those willing to learn a new acronym every day) to the new one.

So... for all of you readers that want to be and stay up-to-date : subscribe by entering your e-mail address in the left hand column, press submit and watch the updates flow right into your mailbox. The update should contain the first 200 characters of each new post, and will be send out only once a day. Even if multiple entries are made during a day, it'll never flood your inbox.

I also made the subscription code XHTML 1.0 compliant but that just took me a few seconds and is of no real importance to anyone who actually has a life.

I can easily prove that I have no life :

1. it's past 3 at night, and I'm coding XHTML 1.0 and proud of it too...
2. I've been to Ice's birthday party, and there were some very nice ladies, foxes, wet beavers or however you want to refer to the female species.
3. I'm no hunter, so I just looked but didn't hunt.
4. I discussed technical stuff with Michael, who doesn't have a life either I suspect.
5. I used a "I 'heart' girls with tattoos" t-shirt to make conversation (but hey, it worked!)
6. Unfortunately, it only worked with people I knew before :(

Need more proof? Keep on reading this blog!


Are you going to get a new tattoo? Another one?

Are you going to get a new tattoo? Another one?

Oeps, did it twice. Or your deblogger was too slow or I was too inpatient. I guess it was some of both!

Yes... probably :)

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