Sparkling water douche

Rofl... I was cleaning up in the kitchen while the three carpetsharks were loose and roaming the livingroom and kitchen. Suddenly I heard a "phsssstttt" but I couldn't really say what it was. However, since I know every sound around my place, I immediately realized that it was out of the ordinary, and with those three monsters at large, I never take any chances. I dropped everything and stepped out of the kitchen to see what was causing the noise.

That's when I spotted Max. He was standing next to a plastic bottle of sparkling water that he knocked over, and looked very suprised. He had bitten in the bottom of the bottle, and was now being showered with sparkling water.

I quickly picked up the bottle and that's when he looked up to me and sort of said "Hey human... it seems this carpet is completely wet! Shouldn't you be taking care of that instead of taking away my toy?"

Yepz... one never knows what's up next with ferrets ruling the house...

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