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I had the intention to put this quote online a long time ago, but I always forgot.

"Some studies have shown that men who don't consume alcohol prefer women with small breasts, that women with large breasts prefer men with small noses, and that men with large noses usually hang around with women who hardly have breasts at all. Extravert men prefer women with very large breasts."

I don't know how large my nose is compared to other noses, but I do prefer small breasts over large breasts. Maybe it has more to do with the fact that I don't consume that much alcohol, as it has to do with me being an innie instead of an outtie.

Right. Last night we won our first tablesoccer competition (11-7) and we had lotsa fun.

I'd love to go out right now and buy some new books because I'm craving for more knowledge. I have read hundreds of books when I was younger, then lost lost interest in them, but the past months I feel the drive for knowledge getting stronger and stronger. Hell, fuck the shopping mass and high price of most books, I'm going out and will return with at least 2 books.

1 Comment

Yes we won!!!
we won
we won
we won
we won

and we will win again!!!
it's starting to get better every week

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