Sleepy Witch Project

I'm watching The Blair Witch Project on TV... for the 3rd time or so, although it actually is the first time I got this far. First time I saw the movie, it was on a ripped DVD, on a laptop with 3 other people... while we were camping out in the woods. Talk about picking the right setting to wath TBWP :)

Everyone loved the movie... I fell asleep before we switched to the second CD. Later on I tried watching it again at home, and didn't even get that far before I got so bored I turned it off. Right now it's halloween, and I'm going strong to actually watching it completely, even if it's only to see what is so special about it.

Off now... commercial break is over!

Update: I did it! Yes... I finally watched the Blair Witch Project completely! Well, what can I say about it... it leaves you kinda "in the dark" about what really is goin' on. Or maybe... the end is left "hanging" in the open, for you to decide which (or witch?) way to go. Is it true? Was it all faked?

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