Sleeping like a log

Went to bed real early last night (21h40, that's VERY early for me), tucked myself in very close and comfy and fell asleep like a log. Slept all night till 07h15 when the alarmclock woke me up.

I suppose it had been doing it's thing since 06h46 but I didn't notice :)

I'm not sure if this long rest will be enough to keep me going for the rest of the week, but it sure was a good thing. Maybe I'll even do it again tonite. Yes... I'm an animal!

Note : According to some "which asian action super star are you?" test I am "Jackie Chan! You like to take risks. You live for the moment. You are a thrill-seeker. At heart, you're a really nice person. You're funny, charasmatic and full of energy. Although sometimes your goofness gets you into trouble, your drunken boxing skills are fabulous! Just bring a pot of rice wine with you."

Right... another fact that noboby knew about me... I'm Jackie Chan :)

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