Saturdays without a plan

Woke up around 09h05, left to go worm hunting on a computer. Found, deleted and updated the pc. Charged him for it too.

Drove to my dad's place to pick up some computer parts, brought breakfast with me (bacon and eggs), so we had breakfast, left to install a modem elsewhere.

Arrived and it turned out the modem had already been replaced by the vendor and worked OK now. Reinstalled some cd burning software, updated windows, installed mozilla, eudora and ws_ftp for him. Did not charge him, but I'll get some free stuff when I need it, mostly food for the ferrets. Just arrived back home.

Bought 2 lottery tickets, and hope to win € 2.500 later tonight. Should go shopping, do laundry and iron too much clothes. Don't feel like doing those last two things.

Back off now, no plans yet on how to spend the evening/night.

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