Proposal to reinstate midieval justice.

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On october 22nd, a 22 year old man was beaten to death in Venlo (The Netherlands) by two 18 year old males, because he dared to comment on their reckless driving, which was endangering elders. Apparently, later on the parents of one of the suspects declared in a dutch television show called Netwerk, that their son was an instrument of God, and thus only God was to blame for the fact that the young man died.

Right... when I do something awful, drive too fast, rob a bank, kill innocent people in a fullscale firefight, set fire to a retirement home or rape multiple women, I'll blame Allah. After all, the young suspect, as well as his parents are morrocan, and I suppose they should be blaming Allah if their religion is Islam.

Actually religion doesn't have anything to do with all of this! Stop blaming "supreme creatures" for everything that goes wrong and learn to fucking deal with reality.


There is nothing else one can say about it. Don't try to find a scapegoat, but accept the fucking truth. I hereby sentence the two suspects to :

Death by hanging in the townsquare

You can say or think whatever you want, but I'm getting really fed up with all of this. Sure, things have improved and the judicial system has worked fine for a few years, but the midieval way of handling things would often produce a more valid result.

Sure the suspects don't get a second chance, but did the victim get one? Hanging them would also put less strain on the community, as it would be cheaper. I don't know what hanging somebody costs, but I'm very certain it's less as keeping them in jail for the next 25 years, feeding them, guarding them, and letting them abuse the judicial system by requesting hearings, parole and such.

I really should go into politics, shouldn't I?

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you got my vote
finally i can pick a name i know during elections ;)

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