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I already found the information I need concerning a passport, where to get it and what it'll cost me. Typical administration though... opened every day from 09h00 till 15h00 and on thursdays from 17h00 till 19h00. Great! Some people do work, you know?

I'm now off to check how to obtain an international drivers license, I may not need it, but it could come in handy when were "hopping over" to Toronto - it's only a 10 hour drive :)

I hope the techo's at KLM are done messing around with the frequent flyer program tomorrow, coz I wanna book my flight as soon as my boss approves my request for leave. Woot!

Update : Good news! My leave has been approved, I've got the addresses and phone numbers of the Belgian Embassy in the USA and Canada. To (possibly) drive in the USA I won't need an international drivers license, but it is required in Canada if my information is correct. I can request one on thursday when I'm over at the administration.


One hint:

Don't hire a white van in america and park near aa fuelstation in washington..

i want you back in belgium ;)


Joco, I thought it was the grassy knoll he was supposed to stay away from? Or was that the book depository? :)

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