Postcards from Japan

I'm a dumbass... while I was relaxing in my bath today, I was just thinking about all kinds of stuff. And suddenly I remembered that today is the 14th of october. The 14th is not a special day as far as I know, but it made me remember that I forgot to call my ex to congratulate her for her birthday... which was on the 8th. Well... it was less as a week too late, so it ain't that bad, is it? I called her and explained... she was not really surprised ;)

Oh, something else that was weird... I received a postcard in my mailbox today. Not the e-mail box, but the real world snailmail box. Nothing fancy I hear you think, but this card came from Japan! And, as far as I know... I have no relatives or friends living or visiting Japan. Pretty weird... especially since the home address was correct, there was no sign of reference to any website that I run, or know.

Have I got Japanese readers on this blog? Have I got a - preferably female - Japanese stalker? Who knows... Help me solve the mystery!

I'll put a small photographs of it online, and write what's on the back (as it might be unreadable):

Today's soundtrack: (02.10.06)
That Dog - That Dog
They Might Be Giants - Mink -Car
The Cure - Greatest Hits
Cirque du Soleil -Quidam
Brian Dewan ~ The Operating theatre
Mix CDs from friends.
P.S. I can't read French, so I suspect this postcard has gibberish on it... like my bag that says "Don't mind your little failure!) with a smilie face."

Postcard from Japan (Frontside)  Postcard from Japan (Backside)

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