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I think I sprained a muscle yesterday, as I wrote in the last post, and I haven't been able to sleep all night. I went to bed very early (around 23h00), finished a chapter in No Logo (took me till midnight) while having a hot bag pressing against my back. It felt a bit better, but soon after 2 'o clock I woke up, and have been turning around, in pain since.

I was already pretty tired yesterday, not being able to sleep last night will not help me at all. I don't have to go to the office tomorrow, so I could try and sleep a bit longer and/or get that damn muscle fixed (if that's possible?), but I was intending to do ICT maintenance all day. This injury does mess up things bigtime. I'll see how I feel tonight.

Shelley : Unfortunately, the article didn't include the scientific explenation of exactly why or how headaches can be caused by having sex. If you search around on the web, you should be able to turn something up though. And regarding the sex drive/sexe/age differences, all studies make generalisations - as you as a scientific person yourself know very well - but I'll see if I can get my hands on those charts again. I did however lend the book to someone, who's reading it at a whopping rate of 20 pages every 3 weeks ;)

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*giggle* Yup yup, I'm a geek :-) I can probbaly track stuff down by looking for the conference. Most conferences publish proceedings somewhere afterwards, and I know lots of places to look. I'm too busy right now but that just gives them time to get it published anyway *nods*.

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