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Instead of just making an appointement today, I ended up getting inked sooner as expected! When I arrived in the shop, Mieke was working on another customer and I made an appointement for tuesday the 29th. However, when she heard that, she told me that if I returned in 30 minutes, she'd be done and I could get in the chair right away.

Fine for me, so I drove home, grabbed the digital cam, some extra cash, and I was back in 40 minutes. After todays session here's the final result (I compressed the files and lowered size to 400x300) :

Team BME Hockey logo - about halfway through
Team BME Hockey logo - finished!


Eepa! That girl does some nice work. I'm anxious to see how it looks when it's healed up.
Krys will be disappointed that it's not on your butt! :D

niice site
niice tatt too

Nice tattoo, is that the only one you have? :)

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