M$ Crap Update

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I just downloaded and have run Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer to check for pachtes, fixes and updates I might have missed. Some turned up, although I'm pretty convinced they were either installed but detected incorrectly, or not needed.

Anyway, M$ lured me into installing Internet Exploder 6 SP1... download and install went OK, rebooted (zillionth time today) and when I connect to windows update and select a patch, it comes up with some freaky ass javascript error, no allowing me to accept the end user agreement. Yes, somehow the fucking thing broke!

I already reinstalled/patched the scripting stuff, but to no avail. Also reverting to the perfectly working IE5.5 SPx and tons of patches doesn't help much. Thanks for breaking your own shit Bill. Really great move!

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Hey SlutFace, I get the same java error on IE, so if you figure out how to fix it, let this girl (who's not as big a geek as you) know! I've searched and searched and searched some more for information on how to fix it, and I've come up empty handed every time...

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