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This morning I got a call just before 9 o' clock... it was Suzana & Esther, who asked if they could come over for breakfast. Lol... You two can come over anytime you want! I only serve breakfast in bed though :D

I should have seen that call coming, as Suzana and I called Esther a while back when she had a week off from work. Unfortunately, when we called her she was still asleep, and not even at home.

Funny funny... I'm home and my little sister is out for the first day at her new job. I'll have to call her later to see how everything went, and if she liked it. Tomorrow is Joco's birthday if I recall correctly, so I must remember to call him. Preferably not at 8 in the morning :)

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Kids/Women...all the same dude...
All kiekens ;)

Tomorrow ain't my birthday.. i decided to stop counting my own years.. i now only count Alex his years + 28 ;)

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