Headaches - valid or not?


"Women who don't want to have sex, often use might fake a headache to make sure they can get to bed undisturbed. However, scientists have discovered that men have a valid reason to say they have a headache, so they "don't have to perform".

Neurologists Achim Frese and Stefan Evers of the university of M�nster (Germany) explained on a congress in Vienna that men - and to a much lesser extend women too - can experience severe headaches during sex. The pain can be so serious and unexpected that all traces of sex drive are evaporated, and medication is in order to prevent a real migraine attack.

About one in every hunderd people - according to the german scientists - experiences it at least once in their lifetime. Some suffer constantly though, and they can only be helped with medication."

Wow... And I hardly ever suffer from headaches! However, that is not due to medication, as I never take any, but more to the fact.... never mind.

Note : I slightly rewrote the entry after reading Kiffin's comment. I translated the article from Dutch to English, and my choice of words probably was not totally correct and/or limited due to my knowledge of the English language, which is not my mothertongue.

In order to be complete, here is the 'original' article on which I based my translation.

"Vrouwen die geen zin hebben in seks, zouden nogal eens hoofdpijn verzinnen om gewoon rustig te kunnen gaan slapen. Nu hebben wetenschappers ontdekt dat mannen een echte reden hebben om hoofdpijn aan te voeren om 'niet te hoeven'. De neurologen Achim Frese en Stefan Evers van de universiteit van het Duitse M�nster vertelden op een congres in Wenen dat mannen - en in veel mindere mate ook vrouwen - zeer zware hoofdpijn kunnen krijgen tijdens seks. Die pijn kan zo erg zijn en zo plotseling opkomen dat de zin in seks er door kan verminderen en er medicijnen aan te pas moeten komen om een aanval te voorkomen. Ongeveer ��n op de honderd mensen krijgt volgens de Duitse onderzoekers minstens ��n maal in zijn leven te maken met het verschijnsel. Sommigen blijven er echter last van hebben. Zij zouden zijn gebaat bij medicatie."


Woman using headaches as an excuse not to have sex? That sounds like what they believed twenty years ago. I thought that the modern woman was more honest and creative nowadays. At least that is my experience.

Lol... I'm not saying that all women use headaches as an axcuse. Besides, that was a 'scientific' project that I quoted, and it doesn't necessarily reflect my opinion about it.

I think men and women both make up things not to have sex every once in a while, and I think that the idea that men always want sex, and women never want sex, is totally wrong. I've got some data at home that explain nicely how the 'sex drive' evolves in males and females during their lifecycle. I'll look it up and post it here :)

The whole sex drive thing is a gross generalisation what ever way you look at it. Otherwise I wouldn't fight with my boyfriend because he doesn't give me enough, whereas we actually have this discussion at least every couple of months.

The other thing that is somewhat relevant is that sex is a good cure for many types of headaches. Particularly ones caused by stress or tiredness, the crappy-end-of-the-day kind. Something about both the relaxation and the blood moving elsewhere, I can't remember exactly. I get tension headaches (which are similar to migraines and just as painful) and sex is one of the few things that will make it stop for a bit (there are boring, scientific reasons for it). So no one should be using a headache as an excuse *nods*

I would be interested to know the reasons for the headache mentioned here. It sounds pretty specific and I wonder if it's related to normal migraines? I'm guessing there's a particular neurological reason behind, it although this isn't exactly in my field of specialty (close but not quite).

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