Headache... again

I'm suffering from a headache again, and there apparently is no identifiable source . I've been tying up loose ends once more, and send off some offers to clients. Businss dinner for tomorrow is cancelled due to someone being ill. Steph is singing weird songs, and just noticed it's ten to five... almost time to sign off for the day.

I can't really blame lack of sleep as I've slept quite long and good last night. Oh... already 268 BME scrapbooks have been pre-ordered, but since shannon calculated the price on a 500 pieces print run, I can only hope that sales pick up before november 1st. If you're still interested in getting one - remember the hardcover is a truely limited edition! - do so as fast as you can. If you pick airmail as the delivery method, you should get it in time to shock some people with a "freaky" christmas gift...

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