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Google launched it's Google News and I took a look today. It didn't really rock my boat, but I suppose it could be interesting. Of course it's cheaper to index the news stories as they are published by others and use those links to build your own sites context, opposed to hire people to do so.

Yes indeed... Google News is completely automated and stories are filtered through "computer algorithms, based on how and where the stories appear elsewhere on the web. There are no human editors at Google selecting or grouping the headlines and no individual decides which stories get top placement."

People have searched for the following and somehow found it on :

"make love to his mother" (!Yahoo, rank :8)
worlds weirdest tattoos+pics (Google, rank : 1)
"Erotic Fair" Pictures (Google, rank : somewhere on page 5)
"wrist piercing" (!Yahoo, rank : 18)
tribal tattoo designs (Google, rank : 6)
studio 54, red & blue, sportpaleis (Google, rank : 10)
free e-card birtday (Google, rank : 13)

My readers are wicked :)

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