No, I'm not on a diet. Those that have been following the stuff I've been eating over the past few days might think otherwise, but I can guarantee you that I'm still eating as (un)healty as before.

Yes, I've been eating quite some cereal (Fruit & Fibre thingies) the past few days. Yes, I still continue taking the stairs instead of the elevator (3 floors up/down) but I'm not on a diet. It's just some things that happen to coincide, that's all.

I've made the elevator promise 2 weeks ago (hey, I can't even remember...) and I've been cleaning up closets in the kitchen, where I happen to find all kinds of healthy stuff. I guess I just grew tired with the food I have on a regular base. I was planning on having salmon in a cream sauce with noodles tonight, but when I came home, I logged on and forgot about the time. When I realized what time it was (somewhere past 20h00) I didn't feel like cooking anymore. So I had cereal & milk.

I can still have the salmon tomorrow, but it's possible that I'll be having a business dinner tomorrow, and grab something lighter tomorrow as well. Time will tell.

I'm off to take a shower - would anyone want to see a showercam? - and then check for activity on BME for a last time. It's been rather quiet lately, so if nothing interesting has been posted, I'll head off to bed again. Not quite as early as last night, but still kinda early for me.

Fact : men with a goatee are way cooler as men without one.

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