European Community of wanking bureaucrats

Steph just told me about a site where you can vote on the name of 'the new Europe'... Yes, that's right, I didn't believe it either! These guys are serious... apparently Val�ry Giscard d'Estaing (who the fuck is that???), head of the constitutional Convention on the future of Europe (ah, this clears things up... ) has made some proposition on the future name of Europe.

There are 6 possible choices and I'll list them from most popular at this moment, to least likely.

1. United Europe (33%)
2. European Union (24%)
3. United Nations of Europe (18%)
4. European Federation (9%)
5. Europe (7%)
6. United States of Europe (6%)

So... what do you think about it? Should Europe change it's perfectly good name to United Europe, or - heavens forbids - United States of Europe. If we pick the last option does it include a dumbass president as well?

Get bloody fucking real, will you? Changing the name alone will cost zillions of euro's, and everybody will just keep on calling it Europe. If it really needs to be changed, I'd vote for European Federation, but only if I really really need to. I think it's a bloody waste of time and money.

Doesn't have that wicked Val�ry pisshead have anything else to do? Shouldn't he be fucking roomservice up the ass in his expensive permanent hotelroom in Brussels, sniffing coke and declaring costs for travelling all over the world... probably to Bali, Indonesia and Bangkok? Shouldn't he be conducting a study about European porn networks, or guarantee the quality of porn DVD's released in various parts of the European Union? Wipe your hands before you count my vote, will you? Wanker!

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