Dry spots & daylight savings time

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This afternoon, Jess & Johan picked me up as they were driving over to my dad and Hilda. Later on it turned out Nadia was coming over too. After about an hour or so of chatting along, we went off to a chinese restaurant where we had even more fun and laughs. It's really a very enjoyable bunch of people to hang out with.

When I came home, I immediately took care of the new tattoo, as the saran wrap I used to cover it had shifted a bit during dinner, and a very small part of the tattoo had been rubbing against my t-shirt. That caused it to dry out slightly, so I washed up, and covered it with lotion again. It now looks good, and I don't think that it'll cause problems in the end. I'll just need to use a slightly bigger piece to wrap it tomorrow as I'll be in the office all day long. Good thing is though that since we have a fully equipped bathroom there, I'll be able to check on it around noon too. That'll make things much easier.

Note : Have you adjusted to daylight savings time yet?

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We had daylight savings about three weeks ago (or was it four?), so yes I have adjusted :D

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